Review of Smart Property Management Technology Application

As a professional technology service provider in the real estate industry, Savills MDI Proptech integrated the digital property management technology applied in Shanghai Yangpu Binjiang International Plaza and recently won the RICS 2021 Real Estate Technology Innovation Achievement-“Savills MDI x Binjiang International Plaza Finalist Award” . When the application has been operating on the spot for almost a year, adhering to the concept of professional services and refined management, this time from the perspective of property and asset management services, we will review and share the experience and views of the business landing and operation of this case. .


01. Project Background


Improve service quality and help urban renewal

Binjiang International Plaza is located in the Binjiang area of Shanghai’s Yangpu District (the North Bund extension-Yangshupu Road Huaide Road). It is the second phase of the Oriental Fisherman’s Wharf. A comprehensive project integrating office, commerce, entertainment, and leisure, together with Lujiazui and the Bund, forms the “Golden Triangle” on both sides of the Huangpu River.

As a project for the comprehensive deployment of Savills MDI Proptech’s digital chemical tube application, the second phase of the project is also an important node project for the urban renewal and upgrade of the Binjiang section of Yangpu District. It is also necessary to improve the overall service competitiveness through the application of smart chemical tube applications.

02. Smart Application Scenarios


Restructure business methods to create new value

The Savills MDI Proptech application solution that landed in Binjiang International Plaza is essentially a digital transformation and upgrading of property management. Under the original infrastructure and site scenarios, it uses suitable and feasible technical solutions and intelligent empowerment for scenarios that do not require operations. Achieve the expected management goals and objectives.

In the office building of Binjiang International Plaza (Phase II), the following smart business scenarios served by the five core products of the Savills MDI Proptech solution have been successfully applied:

1. Online and offline property service portals, WeChat empowers building ecology to enhance user viscosity and brand building, and property services are fully visible

The WeChat mini-program of the Binjiang International Plaza project helps the owner’s project brand upgrade, the environmental protection of the investment manual and the floor book can be updated in real time, and the customer favorability is improved.

Project information is effectively displayed and presented to form transaction conversion, supporting mobile marketing advertising and promotion landing information support, polymer tube and value-added interactive services are one-stop entrance, and core services are quickly obtained and responded.

Third-party value-added services and access to basic property entrances are aggregated to form a service matrix; such as theme salons, welfare experience, parking payment, visitor traffic, property repairs, door-to-door services and e-commerce value-added services, etc.

Through the centralized service portal, landlords and tenants can be informed about services in one stop, making property services fully visible and improving service satisfaction.

2. The traffic management of resident and visitor personnel in the office building, the visitor personnel in the morning peak hours do not need to line up and have no contact, and the traffic data is real-time and real-named and traceable

The customer service team of the property management center is responsible for the docking management with the HR logistics of each tenant owner company. The access rights of the resident office buildings are authorized by the HR of each company. The visitor management system can accurately count the traffic of the resident office buildings and the internal and external personnel. Effective management.

Resident personnel can initiate customer invitations through the Savills Pass applet. After the visit, visitors can pass through the gates to reach the floor area, and the identity information of the visiting customers can be recorded and traced. The video below is an invitation presentation:

Temporary visitors can apply for a pass QR code visit at the front desk.

Support the government’s anti-epidemic department to summarize and report the data on the movement of people in neighborhoods and streets.

3. Unmanned cloud-attended parking lot access management, equipment asset purchase is changed to service procurement, full life cycle service, capital light asset operation

After the unmanned cloud-attended parking lot service is launched, the original parking lot operation and management needs multiple positions, multiple personnel, and multiple shifts to support, such as gate charge personnel, infrastructure engineering maintenance personnel, financial reconciliation personnel, etc., replaced by platforms and machines Traditional labor can work 24 hours a day, reducing the error rate and significantly reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Since Savills Parking’s model is an overall one-stop service provided in a SaaS-based full lifecycle model (reconstruction can be completed in 7 days), the owner changes from asset purchase to service purchase, and only needs to pay for software, hardware, and overall operating service fees on a quarterly basis .
The realization of mobile management, digitalization, real-time and centralized management for the management of the parking lot is also in line with the management requirements of the owner’s management for this work.

Cloud-based, mobile technology management and operation capabilities even when the on-site system is interrupted, personnel can take photos to identify records so that the parking access records are not affected, and the business is not interrupted.

4. Machine duty replaces part of manual duty. AIoT assists in the prevention and control of water, thermal and power disasters, and the prevention and control of regional intrusion blind spots at night, and other security warnings. One App controls the overall situation

In the area covered by Savills AIoT services, based on image recognition technology, IoT sensor communication technology, directional scene AI algorithm early warning, etc., the associated perception and relationship map of people and objects in the physical space is achieved, and the assets management and property management business scenarios are The intelligent management of the global relationship formed between people, things, vehicles, ground, and equipment and facilities helps advance research and judgment on the efficiency and safety of property management.

The event perception of various environmental sensors in different scenarios and environments can be automatically transmitted (automatic voice broadcast phone calls, SMS, App message push) to the person responsible for the corresponding position through the system at a second-level response speed after it is triggered, the fastest efficiency Handling and minimizing the impact of the incident.

The project mainly deploys sensors such as water leakage, fire smoke, electrical warning, etc., and also implements real-time monitoring of AI cameras for intrusion in sensitive areas, pedestrian flow, traffic flow, and important venues. To a certain extent, no major public incidents have been achieved through the combination of civil air defense and machine defense. Pre-control.

Based on the advantages of wireless and passive deployment and installation of sensor products, it can effectively and quickly supplement the shortcomings of traditional safety and security, and save a lot of weak current engineering construction work.

5. Basic property management digital platform, response timeliness, operation visualization, internal and external maintenance work planned in advance with zero omissions, and data-based operations management decisions are provided

With the digital property management platform, the on-site management and operation team can receive and assign external or internal report and repair work orders through the mobile terminal of the mobile phone.

Based on the spatial location and the NFC beacon and QRCode preset identification definitions for facilities and equipment, combined with the annual work plan (PPM) reminding, tracking, and generating corresponding work tasks.

It can quickly handle and solve routine planned tasks or temporary tasks and events in security, cleaning, facility and equipment management, which greatly improves efficiency and reduces the cost of information communication.

It can realize quick response nearby, assign and handle security incidents and related functional tasks.

Business work order data is circulated among cloud platform data, and personnel KPI performance can also form a ranking list, which can lead to higher efficiency, better service, and improved operation.

On-site equipment and facilities can be managed throughout the life cycle, from purchase, installation, external guarantee, internal guarantee, and operation status to all-round monitoring.

The digital platform can integrate operational data and analyze the operating status of equipment and facilities, as well as early warning and intervention.

03. Innovation & Development


Digital operation strategy for asset appreciation

The mature technology applied in this project is the integration, supplement and model innovation with the existing system, such as “Savills MDI Property Service WeChat Mini Program”, “Savills Pass” and “Savills AIoT” are modern smart property management scenarios Among the highlights of the digital operation upgrade and the strategic methods and trends of asset value-added management.

SaaS-based IT service method: Quickly empower the digital upgrade of property services

Based on the SaaS service model of the Savills MDI platform, this project quickly launched the “Property Service Mini Program”. After designing the content screen of the mini program and uploading it, it can be quickly released and launched. It is defined by the configurable service section of the Savills MDI SaaS platform Adaptation (20~30 working days can be completed online), the on-site property management team can customize access to basic property services and third-party value-added services, surrounding life, and physical e-commerce based on local service capabilities.

In addition, in the Savills Pass one-code pass application, the IC card reader device was upgraded to support QR code reader hardware on the original pass gates of this project, and the Savills Pass applet was launched and deployed and the tenant passer’s deployment was completed. After the information is initialized, the upgrade is completed (the Savills Pass applet can be launched in about 7 days).

Integrating the physical entrance of the building site service and the online service entrance into the same online interface, one-stop service can better serve tenants, and the project management team can carry out work more efficiently.

Service model innovation: service subscription purchase instead of asset purchase

With the continuous penetration of major Internet technology companies into the real estate field, digital products and services are also changing the service payment model of the real estate industry. The service subscription model is also in line with developers’ control of cost expenditures and the minimum allocation of resources for later operation and maintenance. In this project, “Savills Parking” and “Savills AIoT” all involve the service composition of hardware facilities, software, cloud platform, and App. They are all carried out in the form of annual service procurement. Savills MDI Proptech provides the full life cycle Services, from new construction, old renovation, implementation deployment, operation and maintenance warranty, software and cloud computing services, the owner does not need software and hardware to purchase assets, but instead to on-demand service purchases, greatly reducing financial costs and avoiding technology applications Probability of unsuccessful landing.

Value-added business development: working with mature third-party value-added service partners

Value-added services have become an important part of the business development of high-quality property companies, and they are also an important starting point to jointly explore the value of stocks with developers and owners. For property management companies, there is even a tendency to replace basic property services as the core source of profits. Owners and tenants have the advantage of trust relationship and offline service portal management, but online connection is still needed to open the path for the development of value-added services. It is expected that value-added services will be launched in the mini program service section of Binjiang International Plaza this month. What will be launched soon will be the business introduction with the “Savills Prviliege Exclusive” value-added service platform. At the same time, various services around the local area will be introduced in an online manner. The purpose of this type of business development is to better serve tenants, employees and tenants. The demand for professional services within the company improves the competitiveness of the office leasing market.

04. Technical Application


Better tenant experience and environmental safety

Among them, the integrated use of WeChat ecology, computer vision recognition, environmental perception linkage, QR code technology, near field communication technology, Internet of Things sensors, BI data analysis, cloud computing and SaaS platform and other technologies and services to form mobile , Online and intelligent support for overall operation management.

WeChat ecological connection meets tenant needs and usage habits

Integrating into the WeChat ecosystem to connect everything, Savills MDI product service ecosystem uses the WeChat ecosystem as the link center. The provision of scene services from marketing, sales and leasing to property and asset management services (including value-added services) can be achieved through mobilization and WeChat ecosystem ( The Savills MDI WeChat property management applet application) carries out service publishing, acquisition, delivery, and service online closed-loop realization, which caters to the current user’s habitual way, reshapes and reconstructs business scenarios, enhances user experience and discovers derivative value points.

The cloud, edge, and end of the AIoT, sensing, responding to, and handling environmental emergencies

AI (artificial intelligence) + IoT (Internet of Things sensors) environment perception, real-time response, and plan preventive measures in advance. Traditional security prevention and governance methods are faced with hidden risks in many aspects. At present, AIoT technology has the characteristics of mature technology, convenient deployment, simple maintenance, and obvious effects.

Savills AIoT uses technological means such as the Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, mobile networking, geographic information, and video to create a dynamic security management system that realizes the standardization of data collection, the integration of information resources, the synthesis of application systems, and the intelligence of information services. Through real-time intelligent collection of management data and effective tracking, real-time linkage early warning; summary collection of hidden dangers, facility maintenance, daily management, administrative supervision, fire alarms, disasters and various information, through data mining and analysis, provide services for safety management decision-making, and plan prevention in advance measure.

Data productivity, eliminating the pressure of building epidemic prevention workers

Under the current epidemic control, in addition to the health codes and control methods used by government platforms, for property management in the building traffic scenario, it is still necessary to collect and manage the information of mobile users in the area, and it is necessary to adopt convenient and efficient methods. In this project, the passage and personal information of resident personnel and external visitors can be effectively collected and used effectively. Record data formed by invitation relationship records, QR code software and hardware facilities, and passage timestamps, etc., can be used for community streets. Used by grid management and digital epidemic prevention.

05、Results & Achievements


Continuously improve and explore best practices

The overall implementation cycle of the above five applications is 3 months after the overall deployment is completed as planned, and the deployment cycle for on-site weak current projects is about 15 days.

Based on the plug-and-play advantages of some products and services, the implementation of digitalization is not as complicated as imagined. With the cooperation and assistance of the property management team, the impact on tenants’ offices will be minimized in the full application and implementation process. Relevant stages are carried out during the night and weekend construction; after the successive launches, a number of special platform use trainings have been conducted for all tenant HR leaders, and relevant management rights have been delegated to each tenant company. Data maintenance is independent and effectively protects tenant company employees The owner did not complain about the on-site protection and environmental impact during the construction process.

The phased optimization results of Savills MDI service improved after application:

Tenant satisfaction: More than 95% of tenants expressed positive affirmation of the feedback on the tangible upgrade of smart property services.

Improved efficiency and reduced staff: The Savills Parking service has increased the efficiency and reduced staff of the parking lot and increased revenue by 15%, replacing the original three-person system of parking fees.

Epidemic prevention and control: The landlord and tenants praised the improvement of epidemic prevention and control methods, and the sense of security was strengthened.

Environmental awareness: Savills AIoT successfully prevented leakage of the pressure relief valve in the groundwater pump room on the 17th day after its online deployment.

Capital cost: Some services are paid for quarterly service purchases to help owners reduce cash flow pressure and reduce financial costs.

Rental management: With the increase or decrease in the number of resident personnel who pass the Savills Pass, the rental team can effectively predict the potential increase (shrink) of the tenant company.

Tenant value feedback on function usage:

Some tenant companies use the timestamp of the pass code of the gates as their attendance records.

Some tenant companies internally advocate that external business visits must use Savills Pass’s visit invitation function to facilitate the record of visits.

Reaping RICS 2021 real estate technological innovation achievements:

Savills MDI x Binjiang International Plaza Finalist Award

06, Conclusion


Efficient collaboration across teams to build good results

The successful implementation of the technology application solutions of Binjiang International Plaza was achieved by the overall planning and design of the Savills MDI Proptech real estate technology product service team, program customization, technology integration, deployment implementation, internal and external service providers, and on-site property teams. The product development team is exploring the results of the adaptation and integration of technical solutions in real estate business scenarios based on the understanding of cutting-edge technologies in recent years. While meeting the needs of the owners, it also ensures that there is a valuable active exploration and practical basis for the process of digital transformation and upgrading of property management, and assists the overall business.

The core members of the Savills MDI Proptech product team are composed of technology R&D integration experts + property consultant experts, a team that has a full-life cycle product service thinking that can be launched, and then optimized and integrated with the existing business SOP; what is applied to Relevant leading technologies are the first and pioneer in the real estate business scenario. At the same time, Savills MDI Proptech will continue to use practice and iterative updates to empower Binjiang International Plaza with refined operations, value mining, and deep cultivation of technology and data, and start digitalization. The prelude to the management is also the way of development on the road of future real estate market exploration.

Finally, as the project leader and the person in charge of the Savills MDI business section, I would like to thank the product development team, the project site property management team and the external partner team for their cooperation and hard work and input.