Video Analytics Makes Security More Comprehensive And Smarter

In the current society, with the continuous advancement of technology with the times, people are paying more and more attention to security work. Traditional security technology has been unable to meet people’s needs. In order to better ensure people’s safety, smart security was born and is widely used in Public related systems, intelligent transportation and other fields.

Under the premise of the use of network information and intelligent technology, smart security engineering has greatly improved the effect of security work. However, video analysis technology, the most critical technology in smart security engineering, has not been popularized at present, and does not meet the real needs of smart security engineering, so it is necessary to improve video analysis technology. The author will deeply discuss the application of video analytics technology in smart security, and look forward to its development prospects.


Overview of video analytics technology


Portrait and object recognition technology

Intelligent video analysis technology has a good use scene in intelligent security system, mainly human portrait recognition technology and object recognition technology. Portrait recognition technology mainly uses high-definition cameras to quickly identify portraits. After the system performs a series of analysis, various information about people is obtained.

Object recognition technology includes license plate number recognition, vehicle brand and type recognition, package detection and recognition, etc. This type of recognition technology currently has a high accuracy rate and is mainly used in police work. Management and other social industries are popularized.


Moving target recognition technology

In the working process of the smart security system, it is not only necessary to analyze the static state of things, but also to analyze and solve the moving state of things. At present, there are many such subdivisions, such as parking systems, real-time temperature measurement systems for people entering and leaving during epidemic prevention and control, statistics on the number of people entering and leaving, preventing crowds from gathering, vehicle counting, etc. Such technologies can observe the behavior of a certain thing in real time. During the process, various abnormal situations are detected in time, and early warning information is issued to remind relevant personnel to take corresponding actions.

In order to achieve the above effect, the moving target recognition technology must be used, but the application of this technology has strict requirements on the quality of photography and the accuracy of statistical data, and is also greatly affected by the actual application scene, so the current technology is mainly used. It is applied to smart security work in public places such as safe rural construction, business, medical care, and schools.


Cycle detection technology

Another key technology in the smart security system is the loop detection technology. The loop detection technology and the video analytics technology can work together, so that the work safety level of the smart security can reach a higher level. At present, this technology is mainly used in Banks, defense units and institutions, etc. After using the smart security system, the security blind spots of the above departments are effectively reduced, and the security work level has been significantly improved.


Reduce environmental impact on security systems


At present, some outdated security systems are greatly affected by the environment, including some severe weather such as rain, frost and snow, heavy fog, and strong wind, as well as insufficient brightness at night, and blurred cameras, water, and ash caused by not cleaning for a long time. , occlusion, shift, and jitter.

The intelligent video surveillance technology can have a strong correction function in harsh environments, and can continuously and normally monitor. The most critical feature of this type of function is that it can carry out intelligent analysis in various occasions to ensure timely delivery of key information in harsh environments and reduce the failure rate and maintenance rate of monitoring points. It is recommended that most security systems now add such functions.


Analysis of application of video analytics technology in smart security system


Security applications in public places

During the operation of large supermarkets, due to their unique characteristics—large flow of people, complicated items, and large business area, the phenomenon of lost or stolen goods often occurs. If the smart security system is applied in the supermarket, as long as such a situation occurs, the stolen goods and the person carrying the goods can be quickly located. This is the advantage of the smart security system.

The video analytics technology will permanently supervise and test the goods in large supermarkets. Once the goods are lost or stolen, the smart security system will issue a warning in time based on the information it automatically collects, and quickly find suspicious items related to this. personnel.

In the work of the smart security system, there are two ways to detect the flow of people—congestion detection and detention detection. If public security personnel carry out arrest operations in crowded areas, it will cause panic among on-site personnel, and may also cause security accidents.

Therefore, the smart security system first uses congestion detection when working, first comprehensively understands the actual flow of people in the supermarket, and then starts to divert the flow of people.

Secondly, using the stagnation detection, sum up the specific situation of the stagnation of people in different areas of the shopping mall, and effectively divert the flow of people in a practical and effective way. When the flow of people is evacuated, the arrest operation can be carried out, and finally the supermarket can be restored to normal operation.

Under the application of video analytics technology, according to the unified plan of the smart security system, it can be further developed according to the actual situation to enhance its applicability.

For example, the commercial area and the office area can be divided, so that the intelligent security system of the supermarket can be better used. After taking a practical plan, the smart security system can monitor the supermarkets anytime, anywhere, and finally make the supermarkets develop safely and stably.


Security applications in special places


People pay more and more attention to security, and special places such as campuses, communities, cinemas, and factories have high-quality security requirements. With the gradual improvement of my country’s comprehensive national strength, many international conferences and events have been held, such as the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, the 2016 G20 Hangzhou Summit, and the 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics.

These national-level conferences and events require more high-performance security systems to ensure safety. The smart security system has played a particularly critical role in the security work of the above conferences and events. After the use of smart video technology, the security work of conferences and events is more efficient.

In the actual use of video analytics technology, it can be combined with the intelligent sensing technology of the Internet of Things, and under the combination of the two, it will play a greater role, so as to improve the security work of key protection units.

For example, in the security work of the museum, its main task is to ensure the quality and safety of each cultural relic. However, the museum has a large number of daily visitors, and the personnel are dense and mobile. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the museum security work, the Internet of Things can be used. Sensing technology and video analytics technology are used in conjunction with each other, in order to maximize the advantages, so that every cultural relic has a reliable guarantee.

At present, the epidemic prevention and control situation is severe, and various uncertain and unstable factors have increased and strengthened. For example, the mobility of personnel has caused great pressure on the medical system, and also made the safety production situation of enterprises more complicated.

For example, the high-speed rail and civil aviation have a huge flow of people, and the risk of epidemic import and transmission is also very high. During this period, if you only rely on manual temperature measurement, not only the workload is heavy, the speed is slow, but the accuracy of hand-held temperature measurement is not high.

The video analytics technology can combine infrared video and real-time video into one, effectively, quickly and accurately reduce the above pressure. In addition, once a suspected infected person is found.

The video analytics system can also accurately identify people based on big data, accurately draw the flow of people, and find close contacts, so as to block relevant areas at the fastest speed, isolate relevant people, and control the spread of the epidemic as soon as possible.

In the implementation of community security work, in order to make the security of community personnel more comprehensive, four subsystems of video surveillance, security alarm, monitoring management, and automatic alarm systemization can be established in the community.

During the working process of the video system, these four subsystems can organize videos in different areas at the same time, and the staff in charge of detection can check the design route to ensure that there are no loopholes in the security measures of the community.

Inspectors must register relevant important information during inspections, summarize and organize them and transmit them to the smart security system to ensure the safety of the community.

During the working process of the automatic alarm system, it will take pictures and obtain relevant image information, and quickly upload the collected data to the smart security system. Under a series of operations of the security system, it can be deduced according to the actual situation whether the alarm program needs to be activated or not. . It is believed that in the future security system development process, it will be more personalized, intelligent and automated.


The future development trend of video analytics technology and security system


Under the premise of the rapid development of video analytics technology, there will be more fields to popularize video analytics technology and provide people with more convenient services.

But there is a problem, that is, the facial features of the same person will gradually change as his age increases, and the faces of different people have similarities, each person will have different expressions, and there will be occlusions, which will affect The accuracy of video analytics technology for face recognition has hindered the development of security systems to a certain extent.
Research on the Constraining Factors of the Future Development of Video Analytics Technology and Security System

similarity. The human face has a certain similarity, because some individuals are not very different, and the facial features of the human face also have many similarities, such as the distribution of the facial features, the shape of the facial features, etc., then the face recognition may fail. Let the security system work has been greatly hindered.

How to reduce the error and improve the accuracy of face recognition technology is a technical problem, but with the support of other security technologies, the effectiveness and accuracy of the operation of the smart security system will gradually improve.

Volatility. When recognizing human faces, because the personality characteristics of human faces will gradually change over time, and when people make larger facial expressions such as crying, laughing, and anger, the facial features will be different from the past. .

In addition, in the process of face information collection, different external factors such as illumination, posture, and occlusion will also affect the information collection.

Uncooperative face recognition in motion may also result in blurred facial images or failure of camera focus. When video analytics technology collects and compares its characters, it will affect the quality and accuracy of recognition.

Camera image quality issues. There are so many cameras on the market today. Even big manufacturers like Haikang and Dahua have dozens or even hundreds of cameras of different series and models. The resolution and accuracy of these acquisition devices will vary. big difference.

Especially after being affected by rain and snow, some devices with low configuration will not be able to recognize faces and license plates. How to accurately and effectively identify these low-resolution, poor-quality, blurry images is a problem that needs attention.

Data flow increases. With the rapid development of video analytics technology, all kinds of information collected by security systems are also increasing day by day. And the field of security system application is also gradually expanding, the data collected will be more and more, the server capacity of some closed institutions is limited, when this data reaches the maximum limit, the efficiency and security of video analytics technology will be directly reduce.

Computational difficulty increases. The rapid application and development of neural network computer technology has improved the function of intelligent security system. For example, the Sky Eye Plan implemented by the Chinese government and my country’s cloud data processing technology have made greater progress in the technology of security systems.

The data and information collected at every moment in the application of video analytics technology are huge, and the future security system, as an important security force to ensure social stability, must quickly analyze and process the relevant information, and then summarize the data contained in the information. Social value.

For example, when a smart security system enters a smart city, it can provide reliable and accurate data information for the smart city, and these accurate data information can be processed by key processors in the smart city, so as to make corresponding work adjustment.

With the cooperation of big data technology, artificial intelligence and cloud computing technology, the smart security system will expand its scope of use with the support of new algorithms, optimize its work quality, and develop more and more perfect.


Analysis of the future development trend of video analytics technology and security system


The further development of intelligent video technology and security system needs to improve the learning method of the system. The main customers of the traditional security system are basically the government, among which the public security department and the traffic department have a particularly large demand. When the system is designed, most of the computer binary methods are used.

The intelligent security system needs to carry out deeper learning and make full use of artificial intelligence technology to make the security system achieve the intelligence of simulating the human brain. Quality and efficiency have been greatly improved.

After deep learning, it is possible to accurately classify and organize huge data information, so that all users have their own separate database, so that the security system can maximize its functions in the process of technical improvement.

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence will be the main tone of the security system in the future. Especially in recent years, the national government has actively advocated the construction of safe cities, and the efforts to promote the construction of a harmonious society are also increasing. Various security engineering projects are increasing day by day. Traditional security systems can no longer meet various needs, and intelligent security will be rapidly popularized in the future.

As of the beginning of April 2020, the number of smart city pilots announced by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development has reached 290, and the market prospect of smart security is very promising. will be formed soon.

According to relevant data, the market size of the security industry will reach nearly one trillion by the end of 2022, and the next ten years will be a golden period for the rapid development of the intelligent security industry.




As an important branch of the smart security system, the intelligent video recognition and analysis technology helps the smart security system to improve various defects of the traditional security system and provides a more comprehensive guarantee. Video analytics technology will be widely used in various fields such as public safety related systems, intelligent transportation, and smart cities, and plays a vital role in preventing and reducing risks.

But I have to admit that video analytics still has many problems, such as lack of chips, easy to be affected by the environment, high operation and maintenance costs, weak presence of artificial intelligence, and unstable recognition rate. In the future, video analytics technology will integrate new technologies from high-tech industries such as artificial intelligence companies, cloud service companies, big data companies, and chip companies, combined with a good domestic market environment, to inject new impetus into the industrialization of intelligent security, and to provide national Provide more comprehensive and more secure protection to the people.