Bar Design x Strong Metal Atmosphere

The night carnival is dancing here, the night falls, and the immersive bar tunes freely and releases oneself. The secret hidden in the dark colors in the middle of the night is a place to invite friends to meet and relieve boredom. Here you can release your feelings to your heart’s content, or you can talk to your heart and be your truest self.


| Charm Luxury · Bar


Rundle Bar is a fascinating, enclosed, rich and luxurious space. It’s also an approachable and comfortable terrain. Guests can relax and fraternize in the magnific mountain view. Ultramodern and dateless design is achieved then, successfully paying homage to the hostel’s long history and furnishing design that exceeds the client’s specialized, functional and aesthetic pretensions.

The bar design is inspired by custom furniture sets and private lighting bags. The central parking rod fixes the space and connects it into a double-roller arch. The arch was part of the original building’s façade, and is now a full-height shelf with custom bronze and wood carvings on it. The design engraved with the word “thistle” runs through the common narrative in the lines, plaster and stained glass products of the entire hotel. The original arches were transformed into bookshelves with hidden doors to guide guests into the private dining area. The mezzanine has been transformed into a magnificent space with a special cocktail bar and luxurious lounge seating. Sitting here, you can enjoy the mountain view and overlook the lively bar.

The modern space commemorates the nostalgic charm of the old world of the hotel. Every element of the design has been considered and carefully selected. The result is a transformative space, which is an honest and true design narrative. Guests are immersed in a richly layered environment, blending the past and the present. The timeless design balances the historical characteristics with the connection between freshness and innovation. To commemorate the rich history of the hotel, the hotel carefully considers respecting and protecting many existing architectural elements in the space.


| Metal·Luxury Club


The main design principle of the modern clubhouse is proper lighting, proper atmosphere is very important, different levels of buildings realize the best function of long and narrow space, and get good visual contact from any point. The asymmetrical grid structure on the opposite wall creates a geometric canvas, which is smoothly connected with the club facade design, creating a unique indoor and outdoor dialogue. The vertical lines of dark gray metal elements on the front of the club create a clean and strong effect. The transparency of the glass opening increases the sense of balance through the creative contrast between “empty” and “full”.

The design is supplemented by the use of imaginative accoutrements, textures and colors. Classic and familiar accoutrements give a sense of luxury and use ultramodern design styles. Wood, black marble, golden makeup and citation makeup shells are combined with fabrics similar as leather and velvet. A simple color palette forms a neutral base, a special custom structure and bright orange, unheroic and blue colors to reflect the design details. On the bottom plan of the club, a special bobby spherical essence beacon is placed on the ceiling. The DJ area is defined by cabinetwork analogous to old casket of snuggeries. There’s a essence beacon behind DJ. Its candescent face produces unique light. The contrary platform adopts the perfect combination of classic design and ultramodern functions


| Relaxation · Atmosphere


This is a vibrant multifunctional center with services, venues and rest installations. It was lately converted into an Eve eatery. In the cool food center, the contemporary terrain is substantially the eye- catching and gorgeous illustrations of Eve created by award- winning illustrator Gregory Gilbert Lodge. There’s a fictitious portrayal of the visitant in the dining room.

Eve’s restaurant is divided into three areas, each with its own characteristics: a restaurant that offers tempting French, regional and seasonal dishes; an attractive public table where you can generate ideas and share business plans; There is also a 12-meter-long steel bar to chat with friends or celebrate the day’s success.

The whole design has a retractable glass door leading to the balcony, overlooking the designed public square, realizing a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor. This feeling of openness is more pronounced in the open windows, allowing passers-by and those sitting at the communal table to see the noise in the kitchen. When designing an Eve kitchen, function and aesthetics are very important. This restaurant not only welcomes guests, but also serves as a catering base for venue events. The overall idea behind Jed is to create a sense of community, so it focuses on providing an attractive and relaxing atmosphere.


| Simple·Constructivism


The brand-new Ural Hyatt Plaza, with quality and simplicity, creates a charming and energetic space, full of timeless design and leisure comfort. By comparing combination, straight lines and concise forms, the design embodies constructivism. In the lobby, there is a bar with metal and plastic art installations, which use bold and bright accents to dilute the monochromatic features of constructivism. The podium is made of concrete, liquid metal, copper and ceramic granite, with simple geometric shapes. LED lighting adds additional graphic features to the space and accentuates works of art.

The interior color of the hotel uses copper and emeralds, and the clever lighting reminds viewers of gems. Custom malachite rugs complement the neutral-toned textiles and carpet walls. The copper-gold plates on the walls of the room and custom-made comfortable furniture have a pleasant texture, creating a warm and comfortable feeling required by the climate.